The Truth about Kylian Mbappé In 3 Minutes | Family’s struggle with father’s full support for football and to join the team offered by Football Clubs.

Friends, Kylian Mbappé was born on December 20, 1998 in Paris, France. His father Mr. Wilfried Mbappé taught football to children at a local institute, and mother Fayza Lamari was a formal handball player.

Family Struggle

The income of the family was negligible. The whole family used to eat food only once and sometimes it was difficult to arrange a meal for one time. Kylian Mbappé did not have shoes to wear, when he did have to go out to play outside the house, he used to go out wearing his father’s shoes and because of being oversized, the shoes would come off, He used to fill the socks so that he could cover the gap, his shoes did not come off.
Kylian Mbappé was still very happy, and used to tell his mother that he would fix everything in a day. He was very fond of football and when he told this to his father, his father fully supported him and started taking him to the coaching institute.

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His Father Full Support

Kylian Mbappé and his father used to walk 11km daily to practice there and come back after walking 11km. Football had become a passion for him. He put pictures of football legend Cristiano Ronaldo all over his house and started talking with those pictures in his spare time. Many times he used to get up suddenly in the middle of the night and take football and start practicing football stunts in the room itself.

Meet his favorite Idol

After many years of hard work and practice, when he turned 14, seeing his talent, “Zinedine Zidane” invited him to practice with Real Madrid, where he Life’s first dream came true.
Which was a meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo because Ronaldo used to play for Real Madrid at that time. Kylian Mbappé’s motivation increased manifold after meeting Ronaldo and he started doing even more hardwork.

Shift Monaco

Shortly after this, he settled in Monaco, and started playing football with Monaco Club. He became the youngest player in the world to enter a professional football career at the age of just 16. At the age of just 17, he scored his first professional goal and with this he became the youngest goal scorer in the history of Monaco and while playing with this club, he also became the youngest player in the world to score his first hat-trick.

All the football Club Offer

All football clubs started offering him to join their team, and finally PSG Club won it. The thing is that on August 31, 2017, when PSG signed a contract with him, which was worth 182 million Euro, and with this his name was recorded in the world record of becoming the world’s most expensive teenage player. Kylian Mbappé put his all efforts into this club and won many matches for the team. On June 30, 2018, he scored 2 goals against Argentina in the semi-final match of the FIFA World Cup, and scored 1 more goal against Croatia in the final match and won the team the world cup and became the second player in the world after Pele to do so. Scored a goal in the final match of FIFA World Cup in his teenage. This man has made his worth on the basis of his hard work that today the biggest football clubs of the world want to include him in their team.
For which he is also ready to pay the asking price.

Unbelievable Amount Contracts

He has signed a 3-year contract with FC Paris and German, whose price will shock you. According to this contract, the net salary they will get for playing in this team will be 72 million Euro every year.
Signing Bonus – 170 million Euros
Loyalty Bonus- according to which Kylian Mbappé received during this 3-year contract
In the first year 65 million Euro
In the second year – 75 million Euro

And in the third year also, if he stays with the same team, he will get 84 million Euro.

And if these components are totaled, Mbappe is getting all of this 3-year contract, A total of 466 million euros.

But would you believe this is the same boy, who till the age of 8 did not eat anything except bread. The economic condition of the house was so bad that many times in the evening at the time of dinner, his mother used to come near him and used to cry and say, forgive me son, today we are not making arrangements for food.

Think friend, such bad conditions in childhood and today a contract of 466 million Euro.
Incredible and very very motivated.

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