How Saudi Arabia is turning its desert into Greenland in 2023?

If the map of Saudi Arabia is zoomed, then these green circles can be seen in a very large area in the middle of the desert.

It seems that something interesting is about to happen in this desolate and barren desert.

Hello friends, I am Uzaif Kevin the author of your own website I hope you all are absolutely fine. I’m fine too. So without wasting time, in this Article I will tell you “ How Saudi Arabia is turning its desert into Greenland in 2023?”

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Gobi Desert

The Gobi Desert is the fastest growing desert in the world. Spreading from China to Mongolia, this desert is swallowing 6000 km² of green land every year, leaving barren land behind.

This is the reason why only a few thousand people live in such a large land area. It is not only the Gobi Desert that is expanding rapidly. All the deserts present in the world are also spreading slowly and the biggest reason for this happening is Climate Change and Global Warming.

For which we humans are responsible to some extent. Cutting trees for their purpose and getting poisonous smoke from the chimney of big industry in the atmosphere. This is such a man-made devastation which is called Desertification.

Experts say that- Desertification is spreading so fast that by 2050 25% of the earth’s land will become barren land and 50% by the year 2100.

How is Saudi Arabia handling Desertification?

But the situation is not even that scary, the way Saudi Arabia has handled this situation really has no answer.

Before 1938, Saudi Arabia as well as all Arab countries were not so well off but
After that oil was extracted from here and the demand for Globally Oil kept on increasing, along with it their bank balance also increased.

Build big palaces with this money for many years and living a extra luxury lifestyle and money is so much that there is no time to count. All this was the result of the money received from oil. And oil was also so much that it was not ending.

Even today, Saudi Arabia has so many oil reserves that if it does not export to the world, it can fulfill its consumption for the next 221 years. But it is only oil by selling and exporting which Saudi is standing in this position today.

Exporting oil is the compulsion of Saudi Arabia, it was understood later on by the leader of Saudi Arabia.

For many years, Saudi Arabia did not feel any shortage of anything, they have so much buying power that they used to import all the necessary things easily. Like food and drink, fruits, vegetables and water.

Yes, water.

Saudi Arabia has a lot of oil but there is no drinking water.

For the past many years and till date drinking water is imported here from France, Italy, Kuwait and United Kingdom.

The biggest reason for this is nothing but desertification, and moreover it is included in those countries of the world where it rains the least. It rains 4 inches annually in Saudi Arabia. And that too on the western mountain from where the water flows directly into the Red Sea and goes to waste.

What is Astronomy? And how many branches does it have?-

To remove ourselves from the dependence of oil and imported food.

In the 1970s, Saudi Arabia decided that it would do anything to improve its agriculture sector so that countries have at least enough resources to meet their own requirements.

Today, if seen from satellite map, 100 thousands acres of barren desert in Saudia Arabia is slowly being converted into green circles. This circle is nothing but Agricultural Land. Which is given water through Center Pivot Irrigation.

In this, through specially designed sprinkles, only that much water is given to the farms as per the requirements. The big pipe in the middle moves on its fixed path with the help of a wheel. Because of which the shape of these farms is circular.

This farm land built in Wadi Al Dawasir is spread over a total area of ​​5000 km², which is increasing every passing year. In this, the thousands of small green dots which we are seeing are farms as big as one kilometer in diameter.

Means only each circle is as big as 100 acres. In the Normal Irrigation System, which is also called Flood Irrigation, most of the water is absorbed by the land and evaporates a lot. But because in Center Pivot Irrigation only that much water is given as per the requirement of the crop.

This is the reason that 90% water is saved in this, this is not the only place where Saudi is making such farms lands, there are dozen such areas in whole Saudi where farms of 1000 square km can be seen. Including Tabuk Province where The Line City is being built.

Where is Saudi’s water coming from?

But the question is, from where does Saudi get so much water to build these farms?

While there are neither any permanent rivers nor it rains that much here. After Libya in the 1970s, Saudi Arabia also started searching for water under the desert. Not that much, but they got 480 km³ of water.

For the amount of farming done in Saudi since 1970 till today, 21 km³ of water has been extracted from these underground wells.

It is not just the underground aquifer on which Saudi Arabia is dependent. Saudi Arabia is also the biggest country to make water through desalination. But it is obvious that all this will not work like this.

Desalination requires a lot of energy, which is currently being obtained from fuel or nuclear energy.

And the water of underground aquifer is limited, which will end in 50 years. For the solution of this issue, a new experiment is going on on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. It rains annually in these mountains, but this water flows into the Red Sea.

Here a new experiment is being done by the name of Al Baydha Project. Such a system has been made which is changing the mountains from brown to green and that too through flash flood.

Recently it was seen in the viral clip on social media that the rain water is passing through the desert like a river. This flash flood comes once in 2-3 years in the West of Saudi. The team of Al Baydha Project along with some experts had proposed the idea of ​​trapping this water in the mountains.

The water of the mountains was stopped by making terraces or dams and vegetation was started on those mountains only. The water which used to go into the ocean with speed, due to the making of terraces, its speed now slows down.

And the vegetation on the terraces absorbs it, instead of wasting 1000 km³ of water, it is turning the mountains green. with this To make the desert green and to rain more rain, Saudi Arabia is also setting up Solar Farms or Winds Farms on a mass level.

But Solar Farms make electricity through the sun. What do they have to do with rain?

Experts believe that electricity is generated by setting up solar farms in the desert, but the sun’s rays reflect from the solar panel and heat the atmosphere. The water vapor present in the atmosphere goes up due to heat and collides with the cold air. Due to which the chance of rain increases.

In the same way Wind Turbines throw the wind upwards, in this way not much but annual 5 cm more rain will happen. The area which is absolutely barren, atleast wild trees will start growing there, due to which desertification can be stopped. There is no doubt about this fact that Saudi Arabia is being successful in making 1000 not 100 thousand green farms after fighting against the difficult situation. And these numbers are increasing every year.

How much fertile land does Saudi Arabia have till date?

In the 1960s, Saudi had only 11,400 Km² of fertile land, after 50 years of hard work, now only farms have been built on 35,000 Km² area. This area is only as big as Taiwan or Belgium.

Today Saudi Arabia has become so self sufficient that it is also exporting commodities in the international market. Which includes corns, soybeans, tree nuts, wheat or rice.

To control desertification, 12,000,000 news trees have also been planted in 2022, keeping in view The Lines Project, Saudi experts estimate that by 2030 these trees will be able to convert 225,000 hectares of desert land into green land.

-: FAQ about Saudi :-

Q1. How is Saudi Arabia coming out of Desrtification?

Saudi Arabia is setting up Solar Farms and Wind Farms on a mass level to come out of Desrtification, due to which the hot air is going upwards and the possibility of rain can increase after colliding with the cold air.

Q2. How is Saudi Arabia storing its rain water?

The western coast of Saudi Arabia receives maximum rainfall, which drains into the Red Sea, due to which the rainwater gets wasted, to avoid this Saudi started making Terraces or Dams on the mountains. In Which is useful for vegetation on terraces and also for water trap.

Q3. From where is Saudi Arabia getting so much water?

Saudi Arabia has been searching for water in the desert since the 1970s. Not much in the desert, but 480 km³ of water was found from the underground aquifer, which is being used in farming till date and is also making potable water through desalination.

Q4. From which countries does Saudi Arabia import water?

Saudi Arabia has a lot of oil, but there is very little water to drink, because of this Saudi imports water from France, Italy, Kuwait or United Kingdom.

Q5. What is Al Baidha Project? And what is its function?

A new experiment is being done in the name of Al Baydha Project. Such a system has been made which is changing the mountains from brown to green and that too through flash flood.

-: Conclusion In my Perspective :-

The way Saudi Arabia is thinking for its country is seriously praiseworthy. Apart from oil, it is trying its best to make it a tourist spot.

Neom, The Line City, The Cube and Al Baydha Project etc working on new projects, there are many such projects which can attract tourists. The record of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa is also going to be broken.

Saudi Arabia is also going to register the title of the world’s tallest building. The world’s tallest building named “Jeddah Tower” is being built in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah.

A lot of work is also being done in agriculture and farming sector. Greening 225,000 hectares of desert by 2030 for Environment.
All countries should learn from Saudi Arabia.

The Earth is only one, it is necessary for all of us Human Beings to protect it.

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