How does GPS share accurate location and Live Traffic Prediction?

An airplane of Korean Airlines, Flight No. 007 was going from New York to the South Korean capital Seoul. The weather was absolutely clear, and the pilot did not face any kind of problem.

But in spite of all this, this plane crashed, that too only because it did not have that thing, which is lying in the pocket of all of us today.

Yes, it so happened that before landing at Seoul, the airplane had to go to Anchorage, the city of Alaska.

This is happening in 1983 when the Cold War was going on between America and the Soviet Union. Both the forces were very alert regarding this war. If you look at the map, a straight line will be visible, if the airplane had flown according to that line, it would have entered the territory of the Soviet Union, that is why flight 007 had to take such a path to go to South Korea.

Flight 007
Image Credit: Web Images and Edit By Uzaif Kevin

North Pacific Ocean passing through the Gulf of Alaska and then South Korea passing over Japan.

Image Credit: Web Images and Credit by Uzaif Kevin

But little did the pilot know that this war between the two forces would take the lives of 269 passengers today. There was no GPS at that time and the pilot accidentally went to Soviet territory.

Soviet thought it was America’s Spy-Plane, and air to air missile was released in it. Shortly afterwards the airplane Soviet control fell into the sea near Moneron Island.

Where this news had put the whole world in mourning, America was saddened the most by the fact that even though they had GPS technology, they could not stop this accident.

Yes, at that time GPS used to be a tool of American Military. But only after this incident, on September 16, 1983, American President Ronald Reagan announced to open GPS for civilian and that too absolutely free!

Hello friends, I am Uzaif Kevin the author of your own website I hope you all are absolutely fine. I’m fine too. So without wasting time, in this Article I will tell you “ How does GPS share accurate location and Live Traffic Prediction?”

Soo Lets Begin,

Friends, earlier humans used to travel by looking at the stars in the sky and used to estimate their position. And today we do not use the stars to see our position but definitely use the satellites that move in the sky.

Mobile Phones, Vehicles, Flight Navigation and now even tracking the location of pets has become very easy. And there is a small chip that makes all this possible, which is called GPS (Global Positioning System).

Whether it is in the desert or in the sea or in the middle of a forest, how does this small tool tell our pin point location?

Such an important service, without which today the system of the world can go from here to there, why is it available for free? And how is Google Maps able to do Live Traffic Prediction through GPS?

Before knowing the answers to all these questions, let us know that

How does GPS work?

We all would know that our mobile phones have GPS receivers, as soon as we turn on our location service, it starts receiving signals from 24 GPS satellites orbiting the earth.

Our location is not there in this signal, but there is time in this signal. Satellite has an Atomic Watch, which is also called the world’s most accurate watch.

Satellite knows its location but not of our mobile phones, it knows very well that in which hour, which minutes, and in which seconds it will be present over which part of the world.

Through the satellite radio signal, the GPS receiver installed in our mobile phone tells its time and also sends its location. At the time when this radio signal is generated, whatever time is on the atomic clock of the satellite, it only tells it.

Radio signal travels at the speed of light and reaches our mobile phones. But the question is, knowing the time and location of the satellite, how do we know our location?

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Example: You are standing near the Effiel Tower in Paris and the satellite is above Switzerland. Of course, the speed of light is very fast, but to cover such a large distance, it would take some time for the signal to reach you, after receiving the signal, mobile phones match their time with the time sent by the satellite and the difference Removes how much delay this signal has reached.

If this delay is 0.002 seconds, then it is not difficult to know how far the satellite is from us. How ? It’s also very simple.

Speed ​​of Light = covers in 300,000 KM/S. Which means that light will travel 600 km in 0.002 seconds, so now it will not be wrong to say that when the satellite sent the signal to us, at that time it was 600 km away from us.

Our mobile phones satellite’s location draws a circle in a radius of 600 km from Switzerland. From this it is known that the mobile phone is in this line, but this circle is very big, but it is not enough for us to know that our mobile phones are present somewhere in the border of this circle.

Image Credit: Web Images and Credit by Uzaif Kevin

To make this location accurate, the whole process is also done from another satellite here. Which we name as Satellite B.

Let’s suppose Satellite B is currently over Spain and our mobile phones have come to know from all this calculation that this satellite is 1100km away from us. Now two circles have come near our phone, one of Satellite A and the other of Satellite B.

At whatever point these two circles intersect, our mobile phone will also be present at the same point.

Image Credit: Web Images and Credit by Uzaif Kevin

To make this location absolutely accurate, the mobile phone has to receive signals from at least 4 satellites, the more circles are formed, the more accurate our location will be.

Image Credit: Web Images and Credit by Uzaif Kevin

The point to be understood in this whole process is that the most important thing about location service is time, if the receiver’s time is wrong even by 1 second, then there will be a difference of 1000 km in the location.

To deal with this issue, as the technology is increasing, the GPS chip is also getting advanced. Nowadays, build in batteries are being given in many devices and their own clock is present inside them.

Automatic time is also updated with the help of mobile operators and internet.

Image Credit: Web Images and Credit by Uzaif Kevin

Why is GPS service given free?

The US Department of Defense controls the GPS system of the whole world. This satellite can only send one way signal and they do not even know who is using it at what time and from where, so the question does not arise that we are being monitored by giving free service. And it is free for the consumer while the cost of these GPS Satellites is extracted by taking annual tax from mobile manufacturers, Air Lines Induatries or Transport Sectors.

This technology has now become so common that if it is not there, the economy of the whole world can suffer a huge loss. Flight Navigation will be disturbed, Transports Companies will not be able to track their Truck, Trackers Companies business will stop. And your favorite restaurant may not even be able to deliver the order on time.

Image Credit: Web Images and Credit by Uzaif Kevin

How is Traffic Live Prediction done from GPS?

If we talk about Google Maps, then GPS also plays the biggest role in Live Traffic Prediction. If the GPS of our phones is on, then Google Maps updates our location on its servers after every short time.

From this Google’s AI Bot gets to know whether we stopped somewhere between Point A to Point B or not and what was our speed. Google also takes the same information from other mobile users on the same road.

And then on the basis of all these information, prediction is made that what is the average speed on the road? At what time of the day is this road more traffic and at what time it can be easily passed through here.

All this information can be predicted only after taking the location of thousands of mobile users.

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