4 Most Extra Ordinary Humans: Who are one in Million

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Top- 4 Extra Ordinary Humans List:

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4. Michel Lotito

Michel Lotito belongs to France. It looks normal but they have done those things all their life. Which no normal person can even think of.

He is the only person in the world who is eat metal (iron). This metal is also not in a simple form but in sharp, sharp-edged pieces.

When he was 9 years old, he ate metal for the first time and at the age of 16, he used to show this feat in public as well. Earlier people used to think that maybe they are doing this drama.

But after eating metal, their x-rays were done many times, due to which the pieces of metal were also seen passing through the digestive tract.

Doctors say that due to Michel’s Stomach lining being too strong and he is extra ordinary humans, it produces more acid. And in this condition it can easily digest 900 grams of metals daily.

He spent his life only in public appearances.
18 Bicycles, 15 super market Trolleys, 6 Chandeliers, 2 Beds, 7 TV sets, 500 meter steel chain and 1 whole plane have also been eaten.

Yes, it took Michel 2 full years to eat the Cessna 150. Their way of eating metal is that first they cut small pieces of metal and then swallow it with the help of mineral oil and water.

They say that eating 900 grams of metal daily doesn’t affect their life and till today they didn’t have any problem by doing this.

The Guinness World Book has also given Michel the world record for eating the strangest diet. But the most surprising thing is that nothing happens to the person who eats so much metal, but when he eats real soft food, his health worsens.

He stopped eating metal in 1997, after a few years he died.

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3. Zhang Ruifang

Doctors were seeing this case for the first time in their career, when goat horns started coming out on the head of this Chinese woman.

In China’s Henan Province, 101-year-old Zhang Ruifang spent his whole life on normal, but at the age of 100, a hard horns type started coming out on his forehead. Within a year it developed into 6cm long horns. Not only this, another similar horn is emerging from the other side of the forehead as well.

Doctors say that she is extra ordinary humans, that these horns are made of the same material from which human nails are made. But how it came out on the forehead like a goat, medical science has not yet understood.

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2. Clive Wearing

In 1985, Clive Wearing was attacked by a strange virus. This virus attacked the nervous system of Wearing and since then it cannot store new memory in its brain.

This disease is called amnesia in medical terms. He is the only person in the world who cannot remember anything more than just 7 seconds. If you talk then after 1-2 sentences he forget what was being discussed.

When he eat food, when a morsel goes in his mouth, He forget what his eating. He remembers some things of his life before his illness. He remembers his children but not their names. The matter is so serious that he does not remember his second wife; when he meets her, he feels that he has met her for the first time. He is also add in extra ordinary humans list.

Clive Wearing started his career as a musician, and is a piano artist.
Doctors say that he cannot remember exactly this for more than 7 seconds, but he still plays this piano tune correctly and when asked how to play it, Wearing has no answer.

Doctors say that history has not seen the worst case of amnesia till date.

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1. Vesna Vulovic

Can it happen that someone survives falling from 33,000ft without a parachute? It may be saved from falling in the ocean, but what if it is said to be saved from falling on the ground?

This is Vesna Vulovic who is 33,000ft (10,000m) Fell from a height and survived without a parachute. How did all this happen and how did she survive after falling from such a height. There is also an interesting story behind it.

On January 26, 1972, JAT Yugoslav airlines flight was going from Sweden to Serbia. Vesna was doing flight attendants job in this plane for 23 years, she had been in this field only for 8 months.

Today was her holiday, but her name got mixed up with another flight attendant named Vesna and luck brought her on duty even on her holiday.

At 4:01 pm, as soon as the plane reached over the Czech Republic, suddenly there was a loud explosion in its luggage area. It was a bomb blast that broke the plane into three pieces.

At this time the plane was flying at its highest altitude of 33,000 ft. At such a height, temperature is minus and oxygen is negligible. As soon as the plane broke into pieces, the cabin pressure was lost and all the passengers along with the crew were pulled out of the plane.

Vesna luckily got stuck in the back of the plane, behind the drink trolly. Due to which it could not drag in low pressure. The rear part of the plane coincidentally fell on the dense tree and snow on the fast side and probably this was the reason why Vesna’s life was saved.

There was not one coincidence in this story, there are many more. The person who heard Vesna’s screams had given first aid to Vesna even before the retired medic rescue worker could reach her.

Vesna’s every bone was broken in this accident, she remained in coma for the first three days, but after 10 months she stood on her feet. Doctors say- Coincidentally Vesna’s blood pressure was low, due to which her heart was saved from bursting.

Good luck said or extra ordinary person had also given Guinness World Book record for falling from the highest height without a parachute and then surviving alive.

After living 43 years after the crash, Vesna died a natural death in 2016 at the age of 66.

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