Julia Fiona Roberts

Julia Roberts is an American Actress


27 December 2022

1. What is the full name of Julia Roberts?

Julia Roberts full name is Julia Fiona Roberts

2. Julia Roberts DOB

Julia Roberts was born on 28 October 1967 in Georgia, U.S.

3. Julia Roberts Relatives

Brother- Eric Roberts Niece- Emma Roberts

4. Julia Roberts Parents

Father- Walter Grady Roberts Mother- Betty Lou Bredemus

5. Julia Roberts Spouse

Daniel Moder

6. Julia Roberts Children

Hazel Moder, Phinnaeus Moder, Henry Daniel Moder

7. Julia Roberts Siblings

Eric Roberts, Lisa Roberts Gillan, Nancy Motes

8. What is the religion of Julia Roberts?

In 2010, Julia said she was Hindu, having converted for "spiritual satisfaction".

9. Which movie Julia Roberts made famous?

Julia Roberts most famous movie is Preety Woman (1990)