Most Popular Netflix Web Series in the world 2023

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So let’s start.

1. Stranger Things (2016) 

Season- 1- 3
IMDb- 8.7/10

Story: The story begins with the disappearance of a boy from 1983! This is the story of a fictional city in which strange incidents happen! Such incidents in which some evil forces which are dominating the entire city and its people due to an experiment! The story becomes even more amazing with the acting of the actors and children! From the old time life where there is no mobile phone! Since the hit of this season, the seasons are being released continuously one after the other. Now preparations are on for the fourth season.

2. The Walking Dead (2010-2022)

Season- 1 – 8
IMDb- 8.1/10

Story: In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse in the United States, police officer Rick Grimes travels with a group of survivors in search of a safe and secure home. Its 8 seasons have been released so far. Because of which the story of every season gets added further.

3. Money Heist (2017-2021)

Season- 1 – 5
IMDb- 8.2/10

Story: The story of Money Heist series begins, to include the losers of the world in their team. Who is trained by Professor himself, Professor is in the lead role in this series. Professor is a smart, clever and intelligent man. The one who steals also with a lot of planning. This theft is so secret that many rules have to be followed in it. As no one will share his past, no one will cheat. Even no one will tell his real name. Because of which everyone’s name in money heist has been named after the city. It has 5 seasons, but in this 5 seasons 2 things have been stolen. The first theft is “money” and the second theft is “gold”.

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4. Squid Game (2021)

Season- 1
IMDb- 8/10

Story: Its story is excellent, it is shown in this series that 456 people are in debt, there is a competition between them, if they win, they will get 45.6 billion South Korean Won ($ 3.7 million USD). But this is not a normal competition, if someone is eliminated in this, he will not be out of the game, but his life will be taken away. There are 9 episodes in this Netflix Web Series. In which 9 episodes there are 6 games.

  1. Red Light – Green Light
  2. The Man With The Umbrella
  3. Tug of Worse
  4. Ggnabu
  5. Glass stepping stone

Last Game is

  1. Squid Game

From the first game to the fifth game, players cannot adopt any violent behavior, but this is not the case in Squid Game, the player can go to any extent to win this game.

5. Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013)

Season- 1 – 5
IMDB- 7.6/10

Story: The story of this Netflix Web Series is of Walter White and Jesse Pinkmant. Walter White is a chemistry teacher who makes medicine, but after a few days he comes to know that he has cancer. His friend Jesse Pinkmart dies in Season 1 itself, for more information watch this Netflix Web Series.

6. Lucifer (2016 – 2021)

Season- 1- 6
IMDb- 8.1/10

Story: A demon, Lucifer returned from Hell, decided to live in Los Angeles. A few days later Lucifer got involved with the local police and started helping solve the criminal case. It was great to see that Lucifer is doing a great job on earth.

7. Black Mirror (2011 – 2019)

Season- 1 – 5
IMDb- 8.8/10

Story: This is a sci-fi Netflix Web Series, it shows how the technology created by humans is dominating humans and their lives. Man made robot and robot will put chip in human body. How will humans get lost in the virtual world when likes and ratings will also be given to humans.

All this Netflix Web Series is very popular, you people have seen it, if you haven’t seen it then definitely watch it, watching this Netflix Web Series will not waste your time but you will like it very much. The story of all these series is very unique or interesting.


Q1. Which series got the most views?
Stranger Things 4 received the most views, with 1.3 billion views, followed by Wednesday with 1.2 billion views.

Q2. How do OTT platforms make money?
Earn money in OTT Platform in 3 ways.

  1. SVOD- In SVOD (Subscription based video on demand) in this the user pays fixed fees for the content library.
  2. AVOD- In AVOD (Advertising based video on demand) content can be viewed absolutely free in this, but tolerating the advertisement.
  3. TVOD- In TVOD (Transaction based video on demand) buy or rent whatever movie, series or show you want to watch.

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